On growing up. A letter to my son.

You have shared that you no longer get attention from your mom in the way you used to. This is true – and this is the natural way because you are older now. For example, when you hurt yourself, your mom may not come to you each and every time like before and hold you as frequently as she used to or in the same way. This is because it is time for you to learn how to find comfort from within yourself now, more so than before.

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Building Self Esteem

Self esteem comes from recognizing one’s positive contribution to the world around you.

Self esteem can be fostered through effort towards what is good and has a recognizable effect, and then understanding and accepting one’s contribution towards the positive results of that effort during and / or after the results have manifested.

Tangible steps to foster self esteem might be to choose a project that requires effort and is good and beneficial and has tangible and recognizable outcome(s); to engage in effort to bring that project to fruition using ethical and moral effort that arises clearly and directly from one’s effort; and then to reflect on the positive results of that effort during and after the results are manifest.

CONTRIBUTION. These words are from me and any part of it that is helpful is from God and any part of it that is false or misleading is due to my own ignorance. Please forgive me.

Learn Arabic Online

I have been wanting to learn arabic for years now.  And during that time I have had this thought that if I could learn how the structure of the language works, that would build a foundation to learn more.  But I never knew how.

Until I came across a Facebook blog post about this website and specifically the free video tutorials that you get started with by entering your email address.

Yes, I know, we are all cautious about entering our email address anywhere, and, I am telling you from my personal experience that I have watched so far 2 of the 4 free videos and briefly read through a free downloaded document explaining how the language works and I have learned a ton so far and am very excited about continuing on.

I benefit none from sharing this, except to hopefully open the door of learning Arabic to someone else who is like me and would like to learn but overwhelmed with how.

Check it out.  Share your experience below for others.

Here is the link: Learn Arabic Online.  I am pretty sure if you enter your email address in the obvious place in the middle of the page you will end up where I did, with emails showing up with access to the videos.  Good luck.